Welcome to Chapter 34

The SBE34, non-profit professional organization, is devoted to the advancement of all levels and types of broadcast engineering.

From the studio operator to the maintenance engineer and the chief engineer to the vice president of engineering, SBE34 members come from commercial and non-commercial radio and television stations across New Mexico. The SBE34 provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of information to help broadcast engineers of any level keep pace with our rapidly changing industry.

EAS Monthly Test Schedule for 2020

Building Perfection

Broadcasting has come a long way since the days of dials and plugs. And broadcasting continues to evolve – with engineering leading that change.

From virtual and augmented reality to artificial intelligence to voice-controlled devices consumers have a new and engaging way to get the most out of their news and entertainment. These technologies provide broadcasters with a wide range of opportunities – and broadcast engineers the challenge to implement them in meaningful ways.

“The behind-the-scenes technology powered by AI will reimagine how we produce, distribute, and monetize content for our audiences. Almost paradoxically, AI will ultimately have a more direct influence on the viewer experience than interactive and shiny consumer tech like VR.” (The Broadcast Bridge)

David Grice
Advanced Broadcast Services

Emergency Alert System

Working with federal, state and local government agencies, broadcasters keep their communities informed and safe through EAS.

New Mexico is rarely subject to statewide disasters, but broadcasters are constantly warning their listeners and viewers of hazardous weather such as dust storms, hail storms, and snow storms as well as the dangers of wildfires, flash floods and tornados.

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