Welcome to Chapter 34

The SBE34, non-profit professional organization, is devoted to the advancement of all levels and types of broadcast engineering.

From the studio operator to the maintenance engineer and the chief engineer to the vice president of engineering, SBE34 members come from commercial and non-commercial radio and television stations across New Mexico. The SBE34 provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of information to help broadcast engineers of any level keep pace with our rapidly changing industry.

The Latest in Broadcast Engineering News

Microburst Hits Colorado Radio Station, Downs Operations

In addition to flooding, half of KLMR’s roof was ripped off KLMR(AM/FM) were pushed off the air Saturday, July 23 after a microburst hit the station’s building and ripped off half of the roof. The National Weather Service describes a microburst as “a localized column of sinking air (downdraft) within a thunderstorm.” NWS says this natural phenomenon can cause extensive damage at the surface with wind speeds reaching up to 100 mph. More at Radio World

Hybrid Station Operations Are Here to Stay

Remote work innovations becoming permanent It’s clear that the pandemic transformed how many radio stations operate. Remote hardware and IT best practices took on unprecedented importance as work from home became commonplace. Technology experts say their companies are still utilizing hybrid mechanisms and that in many cases, tech innovations have made their broadcast operations more flexible and secure. The massive WFH shift in broadcast created a need for larger bandwidth infrastructure, remote computer management, additional firewalls, antivirus/malware management systems and new access policies. There also has been an increased focus on virtualization and cloud technologies. READ MORE

David Grice
Advanced Broadcast Services

Dust storms can cause havoc
Lightning strikes can cause wildfires

Emergency Alert System

The latest news on working with federal, state and local government agencies, to keep New Mexico communities informed and safe through EAS.

FEMA Says No National EAS Test Is Planned For This Year.

The national test of the Emergency Alert System has become a near-annual tradition since the first one was conducted in 2011. But the Federal Emergency Management Agency says it will not conduct a nationwide EAS test in 2022. “It will not happen this year,” said Antwane Johnson, FEMA’s Deputy Assistant

FCC Trying to Visualize New and Improved EAS

NAB sees no need for a “complex redesign” of EAS BY RANDY J. STINE PUBLISHED: MAY 11, 2022 The National Association of Broadcasters believes many of the pieces needed to improve emergency alerting in the United States are already in place and no major overhaul of existing EAS is needed. The