National EAS Test Coming Soon

FEMA has scheduled a National EAS Test (NPT) for August 7, 2019. We encourage all stations to check your two required monitor sources on your station's EAS decoder. Stations should refer to the NM EAS Monitoring Assignments list to ensure that both the sources you are monitoring are listed on the database. If there is a discrepancy, please contact EAS Chair Mike Langner immediately. This is very important since the NPT will be fed via the Primary Entry Point (PEP) network this year. It will not be fed via the IPAWS network as in past years. FEMA will originate the test at 12:20 [...]

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ETRS Form 3 Due Nov 19

November 19, 2018 –  EAS National Test – Participants’ ETRS Form Three Due – All EAS participants must submit Form Three, which reports the results of the national EAS test held on October 3 by this date.  If a station successfully received and passed on the test, it must report from which source it first received the test, when it received the test, when it forwarded the alert, and other details of what was received.  If the station did not receive the test properly, it will be asked to explain what it knows of why not.

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