17 10, 2018

ETRS Form 3 Due Nov 19

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November 19, 2018 –  EAS National Test – Participants’ ETRS Form Three Due – All EAS participants must submit Form Three, which reports the results of the national EAS test held on October 3 by this date.  If a station successfully received and passed on the test, it must report from which source it first received the test, when it received the test, when it forwarded the alert, and other details of what was received.  If the station did not receive the test properly, it will be asked to explain what it knows of why not.

17 10, 2018

The Value of Standards

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Adhering to standards keeps things safe, orderly and consistent Cris Alexander, Radio World Standards. Out here in the engineering world (regardless of the discipline), we live (or die) by standards. This issue of RWEE has something of a standards theme, featuring an article and a white paper dealing with some fairly recent standards with which broadcast engineers have to deal on a regular basis. As I was putting the issue together and thinking about standards, I glanced over at my bookcase and realized that it is well stocked with standards of various sorts. A few examples: • ANSI/TIA-222-G Tower Structural Standard [...]

17 10, 2018

Update: FCC Extends Satellite Filing Deadline Until Oct. 31.

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INSIDE RADIO Broadcasters racing to meet tonight’s deadline to register their satellite receivers will get more time. Faced with what the Federal Communications Commission says has been a “large influx” of applications during the past few days, the agency’s computer system has experienced “intermittent difficulties” that have prevented some stations from submitting their registration. So the International Bureau has pushed back the deadline until Oct. 31. Read More