Cumulus SF Cluster Halfway to $500K Fire Relief Goal.

10/20/17 12:30 pm

One week into their text-to-donate relief fund drive to help victims of the Northern California wildfires, Cumulus Media San Francisco has already raised over $250,000 for the Bay Area Fire Relief Fund. The relief drive was launched Oct. 13 with…

Todd Schnitt Departs WOR New York Lineup.

10/20/17 12:15 pm

Just months shy of the show’s three-year anniversary, the pairing of Todd Schnitt and Len Berman on iHeartMedia talk WOR (710) New York has come to an end. The Tampa Bay radio veteran, who came to his hometown New York…

‘Vegas Strong’ Concert, With Rascal Flatts, Helps Heal Vegas.

10/20/17 12:00 pm

Beasley Media Group’s “Vegas Strong: A Night of Healing” concert Thursday (Oct. 19) was highlighted by a “surprise performance from one of country’s most renowned acts”—namely, country superstar act Rascal Flatts. The fundraising event was already a star-studded affair with…

Coming Monday: Hurricanes Affect Ad Biz For Better and Worse.

10/20/17 11:50 am

In Florida and Texas, where hurricanes upended lives and businesses, many advertisers quickly got the message: Time to switch from selling to service. But other companies—insurance, utilities, grocery chains—saw a need and bought schedules. And as recovery continues, many companies,…

Frank O. Pinion Sued For Being Too Frank About Coworker.

10/20/17 11:45 am

Longtime St. Louis radio talk show host Frank O. Pinion—real name John Craddock—is being sued by a former coworker who alleges that Craddock told listeners the coworker was in rehab for substance abuse. The unnamed plaintiff claims Craddock told listeners…

FCC Eases Translator Siting Limit for AMs

Posted on 02-23-17 by Suzan

The 2,000 or so U.S. AM radio stations that rebroadcast on FM translators now have more flexibility in locating those FM signals.

The Federal Communications Commission today expanded the site limitations where translators can rebroadcast AM stations. This change was expected, having been discussed in the ongoing AM "revitalization" initiative, of which new Chairman Ajit Pai has been a vocal advocate.

The National Association of Broadcasters welcomed the rule change. Pai thanked the Media Bureau`s Audio Division, naming Jim Bradshaw, Peter Doyle, Tom Nessinger, and Lisa Scanlan for their work.

Dashboard “Mayhem” and Radio

Posted on 02-21-17 by Suzan

Jacob Media Strategies

The last decade has been an important one for the auto industry. And we’re not just talking about the recession that nearly put General Motors and Chrysler out of business.

Consider that just ten years ago, it would have been illogical to see automakers at an event like CES. After all, what did cars have to do with the consumer electronics industry, the realm of brands like Microsoft, Intel, and Samsung?

But as technology began to transform the dashboard, the landscape of media and entertainment in cars changed with it. Ford’s SYNC platform was the early pioneer in the space, preceded by GM’s On-Star, which back in the day was an emergency services tool. You contacted On-Star when you were locked out of your car. You punched up SYNC when you paired your phone or started using embedded apps on your touchscreen.

WorkHacks: Use an Ironing Board to Access a Transmitter

Posted on 11-28-16 by Suzan

Anyone who’s been in this business for a while will find themselves scratching his or her head at the way some equipment is designed. It’s as if the designer never expected the equipment to fail.

Mark Goff handles contract engineering in Kansas and sent in a picture that’s both funny and practical.

One of his clients had a Harris FM20-H transmitter. Fig. 1 shows Mark’s high-tech approach to working on the driver tube sockets under the shelf in the 20-H. The drivers in this transmitter require a contortionist to get underneath in order to get a good view. However, the ironing board works great.

Yes, Mark found that lying on an ironing board positioned his head and arms perfectly for troubleshooting and repair of this section of the transmitter.