The Value of Standards

Adhering to standards keeps things safe, orderly and consistent
Cris Alexander, Radio World

Standards. Out here in the engineering world (regardless of the discipline), we live (or die) by standards.

This issue of RWEE has something of a standards theme, featuring an article and a white paper dealing with some fairly recent standards with which broadcast engineers have to deal on a regular basis.

As I was putting the issue together and thinking about standards, I glanced over at my bookcase and realized that it is well stocked with standards of various sorts. A few examples:

• ANSI/TIA-222-G Tower Structural Standard (I haven’t spent the big bucks for a copy of Revision H yet)
• Various volumes containing antenna modeling standards
• NRSC-5 IBOC Standard
• NAB Engineering Handbook (11 Edition)
• SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook
• The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications
• Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas
• Terman’s Radio Engineering and Radio Engineer’s Handbook
• Various volumes containing NEPA, NPA and FAA rules and standards
• Several volumes containing penal code and other law enforcement standards (left over from another life when I worked in law enforcement)
• The Aeronautical Information Manual

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