Secure IP Infrastructures For Broadcasters – Part 1 – Secure Servers

In this series of three articles, The Broadcast Bridge investigates the underlying aspects of computer server design for high value security and 24-hour operation. In the first article we look at advanced server security, in the second article we understand how servers are controlled, and in the third article we gain a deeper understanding of virtualization and the benefits for secure operation.

As computer software and operating systems become more secure, cyber-criminals are looking for other methods of attacking them. These methods may not be immediately obvious but deep within the servers there are potentially hidden vulnerabilities. And special attention must be paid to their remedies.

In the abstract sense, the disk drive is string of sectors numbered sequentially. The servers operating system builds a reference table consisting of the files and their associated sector. If the user wants to read a file, then the operating system will determine from its table which sector the data is stored at and request the sector from the disk drive.

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