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Build a Good Maintenance Checklist

Posted on 01-11-18 by Suzan

At times, the broadcast engineer seems to be chasing the most recent “fire” – whatever emergency of the moment is most important. 

But any experienced engineer will tell you that keeping up with routine preventive maintenance is the best way to keep the facility running well. And the best way to do that is have a personalized checklist to help the memory, especially for those times when you get distracted by the sudden need to reprogram someone’s phone extension
or recover from a forgotten password.

Breaking: FCC Passes Order To Create Blue Alerts.

Posted on 12-14-17 by Suzan

Breaking: FCC Passes Order To Create Blue Alerts.

In a unanimous decision, the Federal Communications Commission today voted in favor of the creation of Blue Alerts.  Similar to codes for weather events and other emergencies, the Report and Order adds a dedicated event code to facilitate the delivery of Blue Alerts over the EAS and Wireless Emergency Alert system to issue a warning about an imminent and credible threat to police officers’ safety across radio and television stations. Reported by InsideRadio

National EAS Test Results Look Positive, But There Are Issues

Posted on 09-29-17 by Suzan

Concerns over audio quality, IPAWS poll

Phil Kurz, TV Technology
WASHINGTON—Anecdotal evidence points to general success of yesterday’s national EAS system test, according to broadcasters and a major EAS equipment vendor. However, despite the test’s overall success, a nagging known problem stemming from FCC rules that require no delay in the turnaround and transmission of EAS messages persists.

“Overall, from the information that we have gotten so far, it sounds like the EAS test was a success,” says Ed Czarnecki, senior director, Strategic & Government Affairs at Monroe Electronics.